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Blog 2012 to 2013

New Unicase enclosures exploded view video
December 2013

If you’ve seen our UNICASE instrument enclosures up close you’ll know all about their elegant simplicity. If you haven’t, this new video will give you the full exploded view tour of what makes UNICASE such a great range. Watch it here.

Getting the handle on Instrumet 19" enclosures
August 2013

There are lots of reasons why our INSTRUMET aluminium enclosures are popular – but one that stands out right now is the optional handle.

Unidesk sloping front enclosures get more space
June 2013

Smart design isn’t just what you put in. It’s also what you leave out…or take out. We’ve removed an assembly rail from the rear of our UNIDESK electronics enclosures range – so now you get more space to fit connectors, controls, power inlets and switches.

Buy custom aluminium enclosures at standard prices
April 2013

If you choose from the stocked paints list, METCASE enclosures can be ordered in custom colours for no extra charge. 

Handy guide to custom size enclosures
November 2012

With 12 ranges of METCASE metal cases and a huge range of sizes, you might think that’s a lot of choice. And you’d be right. But we also offer a great choice of custom sizes too – with a minimum order quantity of just 10 units.

Enclosures feet stand up and be counted
October 2012

Enclosure feet are one of the unsung heroes of the METCASE range. These tiny folding tilt-legs can transform the ergonomics of a desktop enclosure at a stroke.

Datamet enclosures, black by popular demand
July 2012

Black used to be a custom-only colour for our DATAMET wall mount enclosures, now it’s available as standard – helping you to cut costs.