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Sloping Front Enclosures

desktop enclosures

Modern tabletop electronic enclosures

Sloping front enclosures for desk mounted terminals, data entry or communications equipment. The Unidesk series of sloping front desktop enclosures can also be sealed to IP 54 DIN VDE 0470 Part 1, EN 60529 and IEC 529. All of our enclosures are manufactured in aluminium which is both robust and lightweight, and ensures a high quality surface finish. The cases also feature diecast components which provide functional and ergonomic advantages, as well as providing a highly attractive aesthetic design. METCASE enclosures can be supplied fully customised with all the necessary modifications required to fit the PCBs, connectors, displays and controls. Fully bespoke enclosures can also be produced from a combination of standard case parts and fully bespoke fabricated parts, on demand.

Sloping Front Enclosures


75x225x200mm to 150x350x350mm


200x200x102mm to 400x200x102mm

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