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19" Enclosures

19 inch enclosures

Aluminium 19 inch enclosures for rack mounted electronics

METCASE’s modern 19” enclosures conform to the international standards DIN 41494 and IEC 291-1. We offer a comprehensive selection including 3U x 19” instrument cases for subracks and chassis and 19 inch rack mount cases in 1U, 2U, 3U, 4U, 5U and 6U heights for mounting directly into 19" racks and cabinets. Every METCASE 19 inch enclosure is manufactured in aluminium to the highest quality standards. Our Instrumet 19” cases are available as desktop enclosures or as portable enclosures fitted with a carry handle bar that doubles as a stand for desktop use. Our 19” rack mounted enclosures are available with removable or fixed front panels and ergonomic handles for comfortable installation in the rack.

All METCASE enclosures can be supplied fully customised with all the necessary modifications for fitting the electronics equipment. Fully bespoke 19” cases can also be produced using standard case parts and unique fabricated components.

1U = 44.45 mm

19" Enclosures

Technomet 19"

3U | 4U | 6U

Instrumet 19"

3U x 10.5" | 3U x 19"

Combimet 19"

1U | 2U | 3U | 4U | 5U | 6U

Unimet 19"

2U | 3U

Mettec 19"

1U | 2U | 3U

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