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Bespoke Enclosures

Bespoke Enclosures

Bespoke metal enclosures and front panels

We can manufacture custom fabricated metal enclosures and front panels to your drawings, or create a bespoke solution using our standard enclosure components such as diecastings and extrusion profiles. Our engineers can suggest the best bespoke solution from your detailed requirements.

We can also manufacture special internal mounting plates, chassis and brackets to suit your electronic assemblies and components. These can be incorporated into our standard enclosures or into bespoke housings. Talk to us about your requirements.

Options available:

  • Fully fabricated enclosure panels
  • CNC punching of holes, slots, half shears, dimples, burst holes, vent louvres
  • CNC folding of corners, tabs, flanges, dutch folds, joggles
  • Fitting of inserts, PCB pillars, threaded studs, earth tags
  • Linishing of aluminium panels for a blemish free finish
  • Powder polyester painting - tough, high quality finish in smooth, fine and heavy textures
  • Wet painting - tough, chip resistant, in smooth and textured finishes
  • Linishing of aluminium panels for a blemish free finish
  • Natural and colour anodising of aluminium panels
  • Interlox 338 conductive/anti-corrosion finish on aluminium panels
  • Iridite NCP finish on aluminium panels
  • Zinc and clear passivate of steel panels
  • Full colour CMYK digital printing
  • Assembly of all parts.

Contact our sales team for more information and a quotation.

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