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M0000501 SUREBOND® G50



This conductive protective coating is standard on the aluminium case body of our METTEC 19" rack cases. It is suitable for internal components and housings fitted in racks and cabinets where the aesthetics of the finish is not important. As a result, we do not recommended it for desktop and portable enclosures.

The Process

Almetron SUREBOND® G50 produces a conversion coating free of hexavalent chrome and providing excellent passivation on the surface of aluminium alloys, galvanised steel and zinc surfaces, producing an iridescent to clear surface finish. The product is suitable for application by spray, cascade or immersion.

SUREBOND® G50 has undergone accelerated corrosion testing according to MIL­DTL 5541F standard, ASTM-B117-07, and ISO 9227: 2006 displaying excellent results conforming to all requirements

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REACH compliant
RoHS compliant
Weight/1 part
1 g