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If accountants designed 19” rack cases, their logic would go something like this…

“The cases don’t need to look good because they’re just boxes sitting behind a smoked glass door in a server cabinet. Nobody will see them very often – right?” Wrong! (But no offence to accountants.)

Rack mount enclosures need ergonomic grab handles because they get pulled out of their racks much more often than non-engineers imagine. And they need a choice of ventilation options as standard – plus a choice of removable panels that offer rapid access to components. Such as our COMBIMET 19” rack cases.

Good rack cases should have smart anodised aluminium front panels that are easy (and therefore cost effective) to customise with CNC machining and digital printing. Quite often the 19" electronics equipment can be used in a rack or on a desk – the user decides. For this application the rack cases need to have a smooth housing design with no visible fixings and an option for fitting tilt feet. Just like our UNIMET 19" rack cases.

Modern rack cases should come in a wide choice of standard sizes so you can just order what you need straight from stock. And they should arrive fully assembled – not in bits like a furniture flat-pack.

Why the bar is even higher for instrument enclosures?