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Specify An Advanced Instrumentation Enclosure With A Sloping Front

Why has creating an instrument enclosure with a sloping front been such an issue for manufacturers in the past?

It’s because the process of designing a sloping front bezel for a folded metal enclosure is actually much trickier than it sounds. In theory, diecasting a front bezel that fits perfectly with a sheet metal case really shouldn’t be a big issue. But in practice getting the angles and gaps right is harder than the default 90-degree option…so most manufacturers choose the path of least resistance.

Consequently, sloping fronts tend to be associated more with desktop enclosures where, rather than using a bezel, the flat front panel is screwed directly into the main case body. But this risks leaving visible screwheads – and medical and laboratory electronics designers need something more sophisticated.

There is also another issue. Instrument enclosures are traditionally sold in smaller volumes. This has dissuaded manufacturers from embarking on significant investments in R&D. They would rather stick with the status quo of a vertical fronted enclosure.

But at METCASE we obsess about enclosures. And we love a challenge. So we created TECHNOMET SL…

Simply developing a instrument enclosure with an 18-degree sloping front was not enough though. We wanted TECHNOMET SL to be the ‘Rolls-Royce’ in its rarified niche… Creating TECHNOMET SL meant developing flush-fitting bezels (and combining sheet and diecast aluminium) in a modern, cohesive design that’s more akin to a smooth-looking moulded enclosure than a traditional angular metal case.

Add to that a choice of PCB installation methods – each case has M3 mounting pillars and the option of slide-in guides – and TECHNOMET is already proving extremely popular. Clients have been asking for bespoke sizes and versions.