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COMBIMET 1U – Cost-effective, Versatile

Bestselling COMBIMET offers excellent access to components. Its front, rear and top are all removable. You can specify both the top and base as vented or unvented as standard. Choose from three depths – 265 mm, 365 mm or 610 mm.

COMBIMET is the most cost effective of all our 19” rack mount enclosures because it does not have a front bezel. Instead there is a screw-in front panel (with six visible fixing screws). This panel also acts as the rack ears – so you’ll have to pull the case from the rack before you can gain access via the front. To open the case while it is still in the rack, you can:

  • remove the rear panel (six screws)
  • remove the top if the rack mounting position allows access (six screws on the top, one at the front, one at the rear).