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April 2017: TECHNOMET Is Launched

It took four years of hard work to reach this point – the unveiling of a designer instrument enclosure like no other. Elegant TECHNOMET was engineered to very fine tolerances to create a seamless union of diecast bezels, folded aluminium case, smart internal chassis and clip-on aluminium trims (that conceal the fixing screws).

But cutting-edge aesthetics were only the start…

At the heart of TECHNOMET is the clever chassis that allows the wraparound U-shaped case body to unhook for swift and easy access to the PCBs and other components. The chassis/base accommodates PCB guide rails and M3 mounting pillars. No longer are you forced to choose between a desktop enclosure with PCB guide rails (UNIMET-PLUS) and one with mounting pillars (UNIMET) – TECHNOMET gives you both so you can mix and match.

Other features include a vented (and removable) rear panel, recessed to help protect connectors and switches. And there is a choice of handles – the indexing tilt/swivel desk stand or the recessed grab handles for the sides.

No wonder TECHNOMET would prove to be a winner. But this was just the start…