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What Next For TECHNOMET?

TECHNOMET has become more than simply our flagship instrument enclosure. It has exhibited what we here at METCASE might refer to as ‘the COMBIMET effect’. It has – like our COMBIMET 19” rack cases – become the basis for a whole range of products.

COMBIMET started life as a cost-effective alternative to our more complex 19” rack case models: it has no bezels. Doing away with the bezel makes it much easier (and therefore quicker) to manufacture these 19” enclosures in custom sizes.

This fact was not lost on our customers who ordered a plethora of different custom sizes and configurations – some of which swiftly became standard models due to their popularity. In a very short time our most cost-effective 19” rack case became our most popular, spawning open trays, solid (wraparound) top versions and extra deep variants.

And so it is with TECHNOMET. The more popular a custom version becomes, the more likely it is to join the ranks as a standard size or variants. As it did with the 5U size of TECHNOMET 19”.

So what does the future hold for TECHNOMET? That’s down to you: tell us what you need for your custom instrument enclosures and we’d be delighted to help design and manufacture them for you.

And remember – customising a standard enclosure such as TECHNOMET is much easier and more cost-effective than creating a bespoke enclosure. You will get your enclosures quicker than if you decided to start from scratch with a fully bespoke housing.