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How Bezels Affect Enclosures’ Custom Size Options

METCASE enclosures are fabricated from sheet aluminium so it is easy to modify the designs. But the bezels are manufactured from diecast metal. That is not so easy to change because it involves new tooling each time a customer specifies a new bespoke bezel size.

Diecast a bezel in one piece and you’re limited to one size: no custom heights, no custom widths. But manufacture the bezel in four pieces – two diecast vertical sections and two extruded horizontal sections and you can now offer the enclosure in non-standard widths.

And now we’ve updated the designs of UNIMET and UNIMET-PLUS to take that process a stage further. Like advanced TECHNOMET, they now have eight-piece bezels – four diecast corners and four extruded profiles that allow for custom heights as well as widths.