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Along with price, the other big difference is height. INSTRUMET 19” is available in only one height – 3U – but TECHNOMET 19” can be specified as 3U, 4U, 5U or 6U as standard (and in custom heights too). It all comes down to bezel design…

INSTRUMET 19” has bezels that can be varied in one dimension only – width, not height. So when it comes to custom sizes, the enclosures are available in custom widths and in bespoke depths (which are not affected by bezel size).

But TECHNOMET 19” has a more advanced bezel that comprises more parts. This allows for different heights as well as widths. So the enclosures can be specified in custom heights, widths and depths.
This fact alone may be the decider for you: both models are available in 3U as standard – but for any other height it has to be TECHNOMET 19”.

Could we custom manufacture a new type of bezel that would allow INSTRUMET 19” to be available in more heights? Yes, theoretically – but it would take time and push up the price. Why go down that longer route when there’s TECHNOMET 19” ready and waiting for you?