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Not all 19” rack cases will be housed in large cabinets. Many users install them in desktop and portable mini-racks. And again, taking time to specify one with the right technical features pays dividends – especially when it comes to the overall aesthetics of your finished product.

TECHNOMET 19” represents the new generation of rack mount enclosures. Its design stemmed from our desire to create an advanced aluminium mini-rack with the same fine engineering tolerances as a moulded plastic housing.

So TECHNOMET 19” features cohesive design with diecast bezels that flush-fit into the main case body, creating a smooth appearance. Snap-on diecast trims conceal the fixing screws. The housings are also available in bespoke heights and depths.

These rack mount enclosures for 84HP subracks, chassis and front panels have recessed ABS handles for ease of portability. There is also a 10.5” (42HP) version with side handles or a carry handle that doubles as a desk stand.