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It may seem from reading all of the above that this semi-bespoke case is the result of a major redesign but actually much of it is still standard. The biggest changes have been the rear and the chassis plates. But the rest is still very much UNIMET/UNIMET-PLUS.

That is important because it shows how simply customising the front and rear panels can completely transform the look of a housing. After all, the hybrid enclosure is still in the standard light grey (RAL 7035)/window grey (RAL 7040) colour scheme. It’s the elegant light blue/dark blue front panel with its smart white lettering that delivers the branding message.

You can achieve a great deal simply by customising an enclosure’s front and rear panels. After that, the next option is to add highlights by specifying different colours for the bezel(s) – or for the trims in the case of our advanced TECHNOMET and TECHNOMET 19” enclosures.

Yes, specifying a custom colour for the main case is an easy option – and it costs no more if you opt for an ‘always in stock’ shade. But you may not need to do so: you’d be surprised by how few colour changes are needed to make a finished enclosure unique to your product.