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Custom colour aluminium enclosures at standard prices

Custom colour enclosures

Electronics enclosures made to your requirements

There’s a big misconception that custom aluminium enclosures always cost you more. They don’t.

METCASE has been investing in new technology to make it as cost effective as possible for you to specify bespoke housings for your electronics. Choosing custom colours for aluminium enclosures costs you no more if you meet or exceed minimum order quantities and select a colour from the standard stocked paints.

And depending on the rack case or instrument housing you order, that threshold can be between just 10 and 25 units.

Customised enclosures at standard prices – that’s our aim.

So if it’s been a while since you looked into custom colours then you’re in for a very pleasant surprise – because the technology has really moved on. There is now a much larger choice of not just colours but also specialised textured finishes. Legends and logos can also be printed in any colour. Just pick your desired Pantone or RAL code, send us the drawings and we will do the rest.

Need custom sizes, CNC milling, drilling, punching and folding? No problem. Again, it’s much more cost effective than you would imagine.

All our aluminium enclosures can be customised – from 1U rack mounted cases to 6U and beyond if need be. For all the latest information about custom electronics enclosures, contact the METCASE sales team.

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