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Rack case handles now available as accessories

Rack case handles

Handle kits for 1U to 6U rack mount enclosures

One of the obvious distinguishing features of our new METCASE COMBIMET rack cases is the ergonomic handles.

They might be a simple extrusion but those handles have quickly become an object of desire. Presumably because they make it so easy to pull cases out of racks for maintenance (as we intended).

Customers keep asking about them. Even ones who want to fit the handles to their existing racks (whether they’re made by METCASE or not).

So now we’ve made the handles available as an accessory – and because they’re an extrusion, you can specify them in pretty much any length you like. It’s really easy to fit the handles to any 19 inch enclosure. This COMBIMET video illustrates the point perfectly with its exploded views. Watch it here.

And if the video puts COMBIMET at the top of your rack case wish list then you’re not alone. We’ve been absolutely delighted at the market’s response to COMBIMET – our newest rack case range is now also our most popular.

Probably because it combines quality, features and keen pricing with devastating aplomb.

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