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TECHNOMET Advanced New Instrument Enclosures

Technomet Instrument Enclosures

April 2017

Our latest and most advanced range of instrument enclosures

METCASE has launched its new TECHNOMET range, a big step forward in the design of standard desktop and portable instrument enclosures.

The company spent four years developing these sophisticated new aluminium enclosures for medical instruments, test and measurement, industrial control, peripherals, interfaces, switchboxes, communications and laboratory equipment.

Smart and modern TECHNOMET enclosures are engineered to very fine tolerances in order to replicate the high quality aesthetics and ergonomics usually found only on moulded plastic enclosures.

Diecast front and rear bezels fit flush in the case body giving a cohesive design. Unique front and rear snap-on trims hide the front panel and case fixing screws, giving a modern screw-free look to the housings.

TECHNOMET is available in eight standard sizes ranging from 75 x 225 x 200 mm to 150 x 350 x 275 mm. All sizes are available with or without a tilt/swivel carry handle bar that doubles as a desk stand. It can be inclined in 30° increments so users can choose the optimum viewing angle. The largest desktop models are supplied with recessed side handles for easier carrying.

TECHNOMET has a robust and cleverly designed inner chassis which is fitted to the base panel. The wraparound top cover simply slides over the chassis and is located on hook-profiled rails on the underside – allowing swift access to the components inside.

Electronics engineers can choose between two options when fitting PCBs in the TECHNOMET case: a single PCB can be installed on four pre-fitted M3 mounting pillars in the base panel; or multiple slide-in PCBs (3, 5, 7 or 9 depending on case size) can be fitted to the chassis using clip-in anti-vibration guides (accessories). This maximises capacity and offers a wealth of PCB installation options.

The rear panel is recessed to protect switches and connectors. It can be quickly and easily removed. The anodised front panel (accessory) is also recessed to protect displays and keypads. Ventilation holes are provided as standard, and all case panels are fitted with M4 earthing pillars for electrical continuity.

All TECHNOMET enclosures are supplied fully assembled including four moulded non-slip case feet. Tilt feet are included on models without a carry handle bar.

The range is available in light grey (RAL 7035) or anthracite grey (RAL 7016) as standard. Accessories include front panels and snap-in PCB guides.

METCASE offers a wide range of customising options for TECHNOMET. They include bespoke sizes; custom front panels; CNC punching, folding, milling, drilling and tapping; fixings and inserts; custom colours and finishes; digital printing of legends and logos.

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