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3U enclosures for 10.5" and 19" equipment
Customised versions to your exact requirements19" x 3U rackFor fitting 10.5" and 19" subracksInstrumet case componentsInternal chassis supportsModels with ABS side handlesModels with carry handle barAccessory 19" x 3U front panelSupplied with a ventilated rear panelSupplied ABS with tilt feet3U enclosures for 10.5" and 19" equipment
Customised versions to your exact requirements
19" x 3U rack
For fitting 10.5" and 19" subracks
Instrumet case components
Internal chassis supports
Models with ABS side handles
Models with carry handle bar
Accessory 19" x 3U front panel
Supplied with a ventilated rear panel
Supplied ABS with tilt feet
3U enclosures for 10.5" and 19" equipment

Instrumet 19"

Stylish 3U Instrument Enclosures

  • Modern 10.5" and 19" width rack mount cases
  • Robust yet lightweight aluminium construction
  • Conforms to DIN 41494 & IEC 297-1
  • Designed to accept standard 3U subracks, chassis and front panels
  • Attractive design with die cast front and rear bezels and fabricated case body
  • Standard models with ABS side handles
  • Portable models with metal tilt/swivel metal carry handle bar/bail arm
  • Supplied fully assembled and ready to use
  • Internal subrack/chassis support rails
  • Removable rear panel included
  • Ventilation holes in base and rear panel
  • Three M4 earth studs provided inside
  • Moulded ABS non-slip tilt feet included
  • Accessory anodised 10.5" & 19" front panels available.

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19" subrack or chassis based electronics such as test and measurement equipment, networking and communications devices, industrial computers, sound and studio systems, laboratory instruments and industrial control systems.

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With side handles
Instrumet with side handles
With handle/bail arm
Instrumet with handle bar

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