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Customised metal front panels

Custom Front Panels

Made to your exact specifications

We manufacture custom front panels in aluminium or steel, pre-punched and fully finished with all the apertures for mounting LEDs, displays, switches etc. The typical minimum order quantity for a custom front panel is 10 pieces depending upon the size of the panel. 

Options available:

  • CNC punching of holes and cut-outs
  • Drilling and tapping
  • Fitting of inserts, studs and earth tags
  • Linishing of aluminium panels for a blemish free finish
  • Natural and colour anodising
  • Powder or wet painting in your required colour
  • Photo quality CMYK digital printing
  • Engraving of control legends for heavy duty applications.
Contact our sales team for more information and a quotation.
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M0000410 Custom Front Panel


Custom Front Panel Add this item to your list if you would like us to produce custom front and/or rear panels for your enclosures. We will then contact you to discuss your specific requirements.


Custom Front Panel
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