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Specify CNC Machining The Easy Way

Every manufacturer might offer CNC machining but do they offer the full range of services like METCASE? And do they make it as quick and easy to specify as we do? Specifying machining has never been simpler because you can now add materials, finishes and cutouts to your order list as if they were products. Find out more about it here.

Our CNC machining service includes:

  • punching – holes, slots, half-shears, dimples, burst holes and vent louvres
  • folding – corners, tabs, flanges, Dutch folds and joggles
  • fixings, inserts and linishing
  • milling, drilling and tapping – holes and slots for connectors, switches, displays, fans.

We work to your specifications and drawings to a tolerance of +/- 0.1 mm for cut-outs, recessed areas, holes for lengths up to 30 mm and +/- 0.15 mm for lengths up to 120 mm. The minimum corner radius is 1 mm.