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Specify Metal Electronic Enclosures With Cutouts… The Easy Way

Order your enclosures with cutouts

May 2019

Now it’s never been easier to specify metal electronic enclosures custom cutouts – thanks to our new mobile-friendly website. Previously you would specify a standard instrument enclosure or 19” rack case then call our engineers and ask about cutouts (and you still can – we always welcome phone enquiries). But now there’s a new way that saves you time. Here’s how it works…

Specify Cutouts In Five Easy Steps

bl1905-specifying-enclosure-cutouts-niot-b-debl1905-specifying-enclosure-cutouts-niot-b-frEasy steps to specifying cutouts
  • Choose your preferred model from our wide range of 19” rack cases and instrument enclosures
  • Specify the individual product(s) by clicking the list icon (1)
  • Go to the Custom Enclosures page, click on CNC Punching and Folding
  • Choose your cutouts – add them to your list just like products by clicking the list icon (2)
  • Submit your enquiry (3) – we will reply by email (to confirm receipt) then contact you to discuss your requirements.

Cutouts, Punching and Folding Available

bl1905-specifying-enclosure-cutouts-niot-c-frHuge range of standard cutoutsbl1905-specifying-enclosure-cutouts-niot-c-de

You can specify 11 different standard punched cutouts using the new method:

  • Round – from 1 to 84.85 mm diameter
  • Obround – from 3.5 x 1.6 mm to 75 x 30 mm
  • Rectangular – from 3 x 1 mm to 106.75 x 36.25 mm
  • Square – from 2 to 50 mm
  • HDMI – 5.95 x 15.4 mm and 6.8 x 16.3 mm
  • D-Sub – from 19.59 x 10.5 mm to 11.45 x 29.98 mm
  • SD – from 4.95 x 4.4 mm to 56 x 53 mm
  • DD – from 4 x 2.85 mm to 35 x 30.2 mm
  • Keyway – from 6.3 mm to 16 mm (diameter)
  • Ventilation louvre – 49.5 x 15 mm and 78 x 15.7 mm
  • Corner radius – from 2.5 to 15 mm.

Click on the i-icon next to each cutout shape for full details of all the punch sizes available as standard. Need something different? We can source custom-sized punches. And we can machine fully bespoke cutouts – just ask us.

View all punches here >>

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