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Why Bezel-less Electronic Enclosures Are More Cost-Effective

Bezels are a robust and smart way to mount front and rear panels. But they’re more than just a form-follows-function way of securing your electronics in a robust housing. They make a strong design statement visually – they exude quality. And so you’ll find bezels in many METCASE enclosures, such as our TECHNOMET instrument enclosures and TECHNOMET 19” desktop mini-racks. Bezels work well and look good.

But that excellence comes at a price. Bezels are not manufactured from sheet aluminium; they consist of die castings and extrusion profiles. This adds extra processes: more time, more money. So you’ll enjoy cost savings if you specify a design – either bespoke or standard – that doesn’t include bezels.

And your enclosures will still look good. Bezels might offer an advantage when it comes to aesthetics but they are not a pre-requisite: going without them does not mean compromising the appearance of your case. We can show you plenty of standard models that prove that.