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You’ve probably guessed by now that TECHNOMET’S bezels are unlike those of other enclosures. For a start they’re flush-fit, immediately enhancing the appearance of the housing and – by association – the value of the electronics inside. But there is more to it than that.

Yes, bezels improve the aesthetics of instrument enclosures but that’s not the only reason they’re fitted: they also make it easier to gain access to the components inside. Remove TECHNOMET’s front trims, unscrew the front panel and the PCBs can simply slide out. Removing the rear panel is just as easy.

But with many metal enclosures, bezels can be restrictive. They’re diecast, so they can limit the availability of custom sizes. Not so with TECHNOMET – its bezels can be modified for both height and width.

This clever bezel design enables you to specify the enclosures in bespoke depths, widths and heights. This is something we’ve been rolling out across our range of instrument enclosures but the idea started with TECHNOMET.

It’s important to note that this benefit also applies to TECHNOMET when it is specified with a sloping front. However, although bespoke widths and depths are simple to manufacture, custom heights can be a little more complex because the angle of the sloping front changes.