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Made to measure electronic enclosures

Custom Size Enclosures

METCASE aluminium enclosures can be manufactured in special sizes. We can adjust the height, width and depth dimensions to suit your PCBs and other components. The tables below indicate the possible dimension changes for each individual product line. The typical minimum order quantity for a special size enclosure is 10 units.

Custom Size Instrument Enclosures:

  Height Width Length/Depth
Datamet Yes Yes Yes
Minimet - Yes Yes
Technomet Yes Yes Yes
Technomet-Control Yes Yes Yes
Unicase Yes Yes Yes
Unidesk - Yes -
Unimet-Plus Yes Yes Yes
Unimet Yes Yes Yes

Custom Size 19" Rack Mount Enclosures:

  Height Width Length/Depth
Combimet 19" Yes Yes Yes
Instrumet 19" - Yes Yes
Mettec 19" - Yes Yes
Technomet 19" Yes Yes Yes
Unimet 19" - Yes Yes
Versamet 19" - Yes Yes

Contact our sales team for more information and a quotation.

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