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Smart new TECHNOMET-CONTROL is much more than just a new model – it represents a whole new type of enclosure for METCASE. These elegant and versatile housings for standard displays, panel PCs and HMIs are the first METCASE enclosures to be created principally for VESA-mount electronics.

By integrating VESA MIS-D 100 x 100 mm  into the design, these advanced enclosures offer a very economical  solution for mounting HMI /control electronics on machines or in other locations. Off-the-shelf VESA supports can be mounted directly to the rear of the enclosure. TECHNOMET-CONTROL can also be directly fitted to walls/machines and poles using accessory  mounting kits.

The real secret behind TECHNOMET-CONTROL is the simple but clever design that enables these attractive enclosures to be manufactured more cost effectively than their high-end appearance suggests.

They can be manufactured in bespoke sizes very easily – making customisation viable for volumes as low as 10 or 20 units. It’s all thanks to the construction of the front and rear bezels and the use of four simple extrusions inside each housing.


Demand for advanced HMI technology has been increasing, much of it driven by Industry 4.0. Standard displays and panel PCs need to be housed and protected but many of the existing HMI enclosures on the market are large, sealed units for challenging industrial locations.

Here at METCASE, we identified a gap in the market for robust, modern display enclosures for light industrial applications. These aluminium housings need to be tough and aesthetically pleasing – but not necessarily sealed and IP rated.

TECHNOMET-CONTROL is a contemporary VESA-mount enclosure that is manufactured to a visibly high standard – but it can be offered at an intriguing and compelling price-point, thanks to the efficiencies created by its innovative and practical design.