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We’ve made TECHNOMET-CONTROL available in four plan sizes at launch: 230 x 180 mm, 360 x 250 mm, 360 x 360 mm and 420 x 300 mm. All four sizes are 95 mm deep, giving the enclosures a slimline appearance – and yet still offering plenty of space for components.

There are two standard colour options – either traffic grey A (RAL 7042), or a combination of traffic white (RAL 9016) and traffic grey A. Both look good but the latter is particularly fetching, being predominantly white with grey front and rear bezels.

We anticipate plenty of demand for these standard colours, if our other off-the-shelf enclosures are anything to go by, but custom colours are readily available too. We have a large selection of colours in stock.

Easy mounting of  the electronics has been included in the design right from the start. M3 fixing pillars are provided on the inside of the rear panel for fitting PCBs, electronics  assemblies or the accessory mounting plate kit. Also, guide rails and M3 holes in the assembly extrusions are provided for fitting customer-specific internal plates. This offers you a wide choice of options for mounting your electronics.

And every case panel has an M4 threaded earth stud as standard, saving you the job of specifying it as a custom feature. These studs also help to retain the front panel when it’s open for installation or servicing; this is particularly useful if the equipment is mounted at height. Meanwhile, the base panel on the underside offers plenty of space for cable entry. This panel is removable for easy inspection and maintenance.