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For just £1000* our METCASE Special Projects team will solve your biggest enclosure design headaches.

Intrigued? We’re not surprised – you’re getting a premium enclosure design service and a completed prototype for only £1000!* Our design engineers will save you time and money and take a hugely stressful weight off your shoulders. Once you approve your prototype we can then move on to your pre-ordered production batch.

How Our Prototype Designers Can Help You

Tell us about the design challenges facing you. Show us your circuit board plans. Our design engineers will help you to specify the best possible desktop housings or 19” enclosures for your electronics – and how they can be customised ready for your PCBs. So you get the prototype housing you need.

Simply give us the dimensional details of your components, ideally as 3D models or CAD drawings. Our designers will do all the hard work to ensure your PCBs, controls and interfaces fit your chosen enclosure in the most ergonomic and effective way – enhancing the user experience for your customers and making the manufacturing process more efficient for you.

We’ll share 3D models with you – so you can see how all your components will look in your finished enclosure.

All for just £1000*. Think how much time and money you’ll save.

How are we able to do it? Again that’s simple too. Our years of design and manufacturing experience and wide range of easily-customisable standard enclosures and rack cases mean we can create solutions more quickly.

Important Note* Prototype service available only in combination with a customer order for a minimum quantity (usually 10 pcs) of production units. Once the prototype is approved the production units will be manufactured.

Need More Help?

This is the next stage. Our Special Projects team has worked its magic and you now have the ideal enclosure design for your electronics, ready for manufacture. And here’s another opportunity to reduce time to market and conserve budget…

New technology means customised enclosures are much more cost effective than they used to be – making them viable for small volume orders.

These days it doesn’t take much customisation to transform a standard metal electronic enclosure into a housing that looks unique and bespoke for your chosen application. It’s much quicker and more cost effective than creating a custom enclosure from the ground up.

Ask us about the wide range of customisation options available:

  • custom sizes – by specifying the right enclosure (with our help) you can benefit from cost efficiencies by reducing the amount of customisation needed
  • CNC punching of holes and cut-outs; drilling and tapping; fitting of inserts, studs and earth tags
  • Finishing: blemish-free linishing; anodising; powder or wet painting
  • Photo-quality CMYK digital printing (and engraving) of front panels and enclosures – digital printing is much faster and smarter than traditional methods (and offers lower set-up costs).

Contact our sales team for more information about our special projects enclosure design and prototyping service (and customisation options).