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Why Simple Is Smart

Much of what we write about electronic instrument enclosures talks about cutting-edge aesthetics and hidden fixings (and rightly so). But that’s not the whole story…

For every flush-fit, lavishly bezelled TECHNOMET that we sell, there’s another model that’s just as popular – UNICASE. It doesn’t have bezels. And all its assembly screws are clearly visible…all 16 of them…each one testifying to the smart functionality of this much-loved 30-year-old design.

This simple, form-follows-function design is what makes UNICASE so timeless and so popular. Even after three decades, electronics designers still hold UNICASE in high esteem – it’s always in demand. That means a lot to us, because UNICASE was the first metal enclosure we ever designed. And here’s what it offers you…

Why Electronics Designers Specify UNICASE

UNICASE is so quick and easy to assemble and take apart. Remove four screws and off comes the front (or rear) panel – allowing you to slide out your PCBs. Or you could remove the four screws that secure the wraparound top panel (or base). Doing so gives you complete access to your components. It’s that easy. No cosmetic trims. No fuss. Just a few screws.

UNICASE is also highly cost-effective because the design is so simple. There are no diecast bezels – just flat front and rear panels screwed directly to the ends of the extruded chassis profiles. Bezels are great for concealing fixing screws on enclosures such as UNIMET, UNIMET-PLUS and TECHNOMET. But the design ethos behind UNICASE has always been about functional minimalism. (Incidentally, going bezel-less has also been highly successful for COMBIMET, our bestselling 19” rack cases.)

Why New Improved UNICASE Is Now Better Than Ever

Thirty years on, how do you improve a design as simple as UNICASE? How do you make it even better…but without adding features that would detract from its enduring and alluring simplicity? The trick was to implement a design tweak so subtle that you wouldn’t even know it’s there – a modification so minimal that you’d assume that UNICASE had always been built that way from day one.

That modification is in the chassis profiles…