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Now UNICASE Is Easier To Assemble

We’ve redesigned the extruded aluminium chassis profiles so they hold the caged nuts absolutely upright. This perfect vertical alignment helps to ensure you locate the assembly screws perfectly each time.

Okay, so that’s the vertical alignment sorted out. But what about the horizontal? How do we (and you) make sure the caged nut is sitting in the correct place in the channel to match up with the incoming assembly screw?

Once again, the answer is simple. We’ve created a plastic tool (available as an accessory) that you can use to push the caged nut into exactly the right position – first time, every time. It’s 3D printed from tough PA2200 so it’s built to last. You’re going to love this handy little timesaver when you’re fitting eight assembly screws to the profiles on each enclosure. Especially if you’re assembling a large number of units.