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August 2019

New 1U Combimet Rack Cases With Solid Top Cover

Available from stock 1st September 2019

Following customer demand we have added a new version of our COMBIMET 1U rack cases with a fixed wrap-around top cover. This gives a modern smooth look to the enclosures. The bottom panel and rear panel are removable.

These unventilated cases are available in two sizes, painted in light grey or black.

  • 19" x 1U x 265 mm 
  • 19" x 1U x 365 mm

Custom sizes and colours can be made to order.

View COMBIMET 19" >>

July 2019


In July our factory took delivery of a new digital printing machine which will more than double our capacity to produce printed front panels and printed enclosures. Digital printing is now a very popular customising option for our customers — most new custom projects now include some form of digital printing.

Our service provides a fast and easy solution to printing photo quality graphics, control legends, logos etc. onto the front panels and enclosure panels.

What we can deliver:

  • Outstanding print quality up to 1800 x 1800 dpi
  • Maximum print area 600 x 420 mm A2
  • Direct printing onto products up to 5.90" (150 mm) high
  • Scratch/chemical resistant clear lacquer

Digital printing service >>

June 2019


As part of our ongoing capital investment programme, our factory took delivery of new HAAS CNC milling equipment in June. This new equipment will significantly reduce milling times on our enclosures and components — helping with the extra demand we have recently experienced for our products.

We can machine any of our case extrusion profiles and panels with holes and slots for mounting connectors, switches, displays, fan units etc. Tapping of metric and imperial threads can also be carried out.

CNC milling service >>

May 2019


Pack of 100 M3 x 6 mm pan head pozi drive screws. Used for fitting PCBs and mounting plates to the threaded standoffs in our standard enclosures: TECHNOMET, MINIMET

Also suitable for use in combination with M5600001 PCB Mounting Kit, to secure PCBs to the plastic mounting pillars. Fixing points are provided in the following enclosures for this kit: COMBIMET 19", VERSAMET 19", UNIMET 19", UNIDESK, UNIMET, UNIMET-PLUS, DATAMET

These screws can also be used to replace the standard slotted case assembly screws supplied with our UNICASE enclosures — if pozi drive screws are preferred.

Additionally, this screw pack may be useful if your enclosure has been customised with M3 threaded inserts and pillars.

View screw kit here >>

January 2019

New sloping front TECHNOMET SL enclosures

Our advanced TECHNOMET desktop enclosures range keeps growing!

The new TECHNOMET SL models have a sloping front bezel set at 18 degrees for a perfect viewing angle of the displays and controls mounted on the front panel. The new versions are available in three standard sizes in light grey or anthracite:

  • 100 x 225 x 230 mm
  • 125 x 275 x 285 mm
  • 150 x 350 x 320 mm

Custom sizes and colours can be made to order.

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