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How To Get A METCASE Quote During Covid-19 Lockdown

Getting a Metcase quote during Coronavirus crisis

We Are Still Manufacturing, Supplying and Delivering During Lockdown

METCASE remains open and working – supplying the medical industry (and other sectors) with vital components:

  • staff who can do so are working from home
  • our factories are working split shifts to maintain social distancing
  • we manufacture almost everything in-house
  • we have good supplies of raw materials and components
  • freight is moving – deliveries are going running as usual.

Here’s how to request a quote for custom/customised enclosures that are ready for your PCBs. Read our 6-point guide…

1. Bespoke vs Customised Electronic Enclosures – What’s The Difference?

Customised enclosures are standard METCASE models that we modify to your precise requirements. Opting for customised (rather than fully bespoke custom) enclosures is:

  • more cost effective
  • quicker and easier for you to specify
  • quicker and easier for us to manufacture – so you get your enclosures faster.

We can (and regularly do) manufacture bespoke enclosures to your drawings – find out more here. But most of our customers opt for customised enclosures for the reasons listed above.

2. METCASE’S Easy Specification System – Add Products (And Services) To Your Basket

Use the list/basket system on this website to specify the enclosures, accessories and customising services you need to request a quotation. It is an intuitive system – similar to e-commerce but with no ‘buy’ button.

“Why no buy button? Why can’t I buy from the website?” The answer is simple: most of our customers specify customised rather than standard enclosures. And – despite now easy it is to specify customisation services – our customers benefit from speaking to our engineers to get specialist technical advice on the best enclosures for their applications.

Our engineers can guide you through all the various options to ensure that enclosure you have specified is the best possible for your electronics. New models – plus improvements to our processes and services – ensure there is always a range of possible solutions for your requirements. Our engineers can help you to select the right one for you.

The process is simple:

  • Specify what type of enclosure you need (19” rack mounted, desktop instrument, wall mounted etc)
  • Specify the model
  • Specify the size and colour (specify a product number)
  • Specify any customisation options if required
  • Request a sample and/or quotation, talk to our engineers.

3. What Type Of Enclosure Do I Need?

Go to either the Enclosures page or the Metal Enclosures page and select your preferred type of housing. They include:

  • 19” rack mount enclosures – rack cases to be installed in 19” enclosures
  • 19” enclosures – including mini-racks for housing 19” rack cases
  • instrument enclosures – either with or without carrying handles (that double as adjustable desk stands for selecting the optimum viewing angle)
  • sloping front desktop enclosures – choose from two models
  • wall mount enclosures – including sloping front cases for applications such as access control
  • accessories – front panels, enclosure feet and PCB guide rails and mounting pillars.

4. Which Model Do I Require?

Select your preferred model by name. Pages such as Aluminium Enclosures, 19” Rack Mount Enclosures and Instrument Enclosures give you a full list of relevant models plus images to make specifying quick and easy.

Popular models include:

Know which product you require? Get to it instantly by using the Product Name search box at the top of every web page. Not sure which model you need? View the following comparison tables to help you select the model that is best for your application:

5. Which Size And Colour Do I Need?

Each model page – such as this one (COMBIMET) – contains a wealth of information to help you decide whether the enclosure you’re viewing is the most suitable for your requirements. At the very top of each model page (in the photo banner) you will find quick links to:

  • Browse Full List – all the individual products in that model range (the full specifications)
  • Photo Gallery
  • Video
  • Accessories
  • Catalogue documents.

Below the main image you will see a bulleted list of all the benefits and technical features that the model in question offers. You can download a PDF of these benefits (complete with a full list of all the sizes, colours and accessories available). Below this are the:

  • Photo Gallery tab – which highlights all the benefits and features in an easy at-a-glance format
  • Video tab – see an exploded view of the enclosure in a short (around two minutes) video.

Scroll down below the Photo Gallery and Video tabs to see the Application Fields. For a 19” rack case like COMBIMET that means networking and communications equipment, industrial computers, sound and studio systems, laboratory instruments and industrial control systems.

Browse the full list of products (sizes, colours, variants) available in the model range. Click the Accessories tab to view the various mounting kits and mounting plates available for the model. Click the Catalogue documents tab to download a PDF of the model from the latest METCASE catalogue. In addition to our standard colour options, you can choose custom colours at no extra cost from our stocked optional colours.

In each product shown on the Browse Full List and Accessories tabs, you can click the:

  • product to find out more about it
  • ‘i’ information button for a quick summary about the product
  • ‘list’ button to add the product to your list/basket.

IMPORTANT: Adding products (and later services) to your list will make it much quicker and easier to specify your preferred standard or customised enclosure. You can use this list to request a quotation, sample and/or a catalogue. Click here to find out more.

6. How Do I Specify Customisation?

You can specify custom services in exactly the same way as you specify products. Visit either the Custom Enclosures page or the Modifications and Finishing page. From there you can choose from a range of services including:

  • custom sizes
  • custom front panels
  • CNC punching and folding
  • CNC milling, drilling and tapping
  • fixings and inserts
  • painting and finishing
  • digital printing.

Each of these pages contains a detailed list of all the services available. Each service has its own code (just like a product) – making it easy for you to add it to your list in order to request a quotation. On these customisation services pages you can also view examples of our work and download catalogue documents in PDF format.

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