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New METCASE catalogue Issue 18 out now

Blog - September 2017

Download the latest catalogue here...

Download your copy here >>

Our new METCASE catalogue (Issue 18) is out now – with a whole host of features that’ll make it even easier to specify all the metal electronic enclosures you need.

All the technical information is presented more clearly and concisely (in English, German and French): less text…more tables…more images…more drawings.

So you can see at a glance all the specifications for every enclosure in our ever-expanding METCASE range.

And where enclosures are available in two standard colours, we’ve separated the part numbers into two separate columns (one for each colour). That makes the product tables smaller and simpler to read (and it’s easier to compare sizes).

You’ll also find information on the maximum PCB width for every enclosure.

New products in the range include:

  • TECHNOMET – advanced desktop and portable instrument enclosures with flush-fit diecast bezels for cutting edge aesthetics and ergonomics. Technical features include both PCB screw mounts and guide rails in the same case as standard, giving you a choice of installation options.
  • COMBIMET 5U – our bestselling 19” rack case range now features 5U as a standard size. Previously it was available only as a custom order.
  • COMBIMET ‘Superdeep’ – this versatile range of rack mount enclosures is now available in a depth of 510 mm (in addition to the two existing depths of 265 and 365 mm). All this extra capacity will help you to free up vital rack space.
  • TECHNOFEET – our popular range of universal tilt/leg case feet has taken a big step forward with the launch of these smart new round feet (which happen to be fitted as standard to TECHNOMET).

For more information, go to our catalogue download page. You can download the entire 36-page catalogue in full or choose specific models instead (or accessories or customising services).

Prefer a printed catalogue you can thumb through? That’ll be available at the end of September. For your copy just email us using this contact form (please tick the Request Catalogue box) or phone our sales team.